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PGGP 5.0 Demo Files

PGGP 5 was released on 0007.   Pronounced Triple-0-Seven.
( 07/07/07   I know, not all that funny.)

PGGP 5 does everything PGGP has always done, with new features and reports for standards-based grading. Fear not, if you do not use standards, PGGP will handle traditional grading as it has for 20 years.

Demo Talk

Timed demo copies of PGGP are available below. Each demo is a full working copy of PGGP. Demo PGGP will run indefinitely. The files created by the demo will go to sleep in 30 days, like Sleeping Beauty. Fear not. Purchase PGGP and like the Prince it will give your file a magic kiss, and your grades will awaken and never know they were asleep.

After downloading the copy, you will find a single installer file. PGGP is no memory hog, so it will take very little space on your hard drive.

The Mac Version has been discontinued.

Windows users can use the Start Menu to launch PGGP. When PGGP is running, go to the File Menu and open the Sample Class file. I also try to create a Short Cut on the desktop. Pressing F1 or clicking on help buttons will invoke the PGGP Windows Help File.   Hints on the Windows Demo can be turned on by going to the Settings Menu- Preferences and Turn On-Off Hints.

When you are ready to try PGGP with your own class, go to the File Menu and choose New just as you would in you word processor. (If you have the demo file open, you will be given several choices... choose Start From Scratch.) You will be given the opportunity to use a Easy Setup. By using Easy Setup you will have a working grade book in minutes.

Notes for PGGP 4 Users

If you are a PGGP 4 user I suggest playing with the sample file to see new features.   PGGP 5 will upgrade grade files created by PGGP 4 when it saves them.   Make a backup or save your files with a new name.  It would be sad if you upgraded all your files and then decided not to purchase the upgrade.   This would make you grumpy with me.   I am not trying to force an purchase here; it is just that PGGP 5 does much more than PGGP 4.5 did and so the files hold more information.

Macintosh 5.0 (1630K) 09/04/2009
 (Note:  A few Snow Leopard systems are having a failed install.  I am working on this but it is unclear why it is happening other than perhaps a privileges problem.  Let me know if this happens to you.)
No Longer Available- Sorry
If you have System 10.6 or earlier, send me a note and I will get you the installer.
Windows 5.0 (1748K) 05/07/2010 Install_PGGP_5.0_Demo.EXE
PDF Copy of the Help File PGGP_Help.pdf

System Requirements

Having trouble downloading? Write To George